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Worth Revisiting: A Grandfather’s Legacy

Today I share a granddaughter's revisiting of the legacy of a poet, not by trade but by heart. A teacher, farmer, surveyor, and cotton gin manager, Carl Wyatt Ferrell wore many hats in order to best provide for his family.  And still always the student he looked at life each day anew, finding God not… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: A Grandfather’s Legacy

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Worth Revisiting: A Spirituality Glimpsed

Every now and then, we are given those moments where we glimpse an aspect of ourselves embodied distinctively in the rather small bodies of our children. We are reckoned with the fact that for better or worse, they have assumed a bit of our personality, abilities, perspective or approach to life. Today, I stood in… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: A Spirituality Glimpsed

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Worth Revisting: Poetic Examen-ation

This is a day that was long awaited, A time dreamt of and indeed anticipated, With months albeit years of preparation, And a myriad of readings and connotations. Today, I awoke knowing that there was nowhere I had to be. There was truly no post to edit, Or theologian I needed to credit, An argument… Continue reading Worth Revisting: Poetic Examen-ation

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Worth Revisiting:Love Worth Waiting For

Those who know my husband and I closely, know that before we ever dated we were best friends. John was a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts and I a freshman at Mount Holyoke College in 1990. In looking back, every detail of our meeting and courtship was just as it was intended to be.… Continue reading Worth Revisiting:Love Worth Waiting For

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Worth Revisiting:Procrastination

Last year at this time, I was sitting on a beach and feeling an unbelievable gratitude for the gift of being present to the moment. Thankful, if you will, for the ability to procrastinate much needed tasks and to-do's to simply discover God. Take time today to pause, reflect and examen God at work in… Continue reading Worth Revisiting:Procrastination


This Advent: Where Are We Headed?

Advent is a time to prepare yet also to discern where we are being led towards. The journey that Joseph and Mary were to make from Nazareth to Bethlehem, by many accounts, was not a fairytale but fraught with much danger, miserable weather, and challenges. Even in the best of health, this undertaking would have… Continue reading This Advent: Where Are We Headed?

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Worth Revisiting: Examen-ing Motion

Our lives can be so busy and overwhelming at times. Saturated with appointments and dotted with to do's we may wonder when we will get the chance to come up for air. Yet, finding time to breathe- to prayerfully invite the Holy Spirit into the craziness of life is exactly the antidote needed! St. Ignatius… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Examen-ing Motion

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Worth Revisiting: Poetic Examen-ations

It’s Worth Revisiting Wednesday! A place where you can come and bring a past & treasured post to share, and link-up with fellow bloggers! Co-Hosted with Allison Gingras at Reconciled To You. Having just finished an incredible book by Fr. Casey Beaumier, SJ entitled, A Purposeful Path, I found myself reflecting on my own time… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Poetic Examen-ations