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Poetic Resonances: A Spirituality Glimpsed

Every now and then, we are given those moments where we glimpse an aspect of ourselves embodied distinctively in the rather small bodies of our children. We are reckoned with the fact that for better or worse, they have assumed a bit of our personality, abilities, perspective or approach to life. Today, I stood in… Continue reading Poetic Resonances: A Spirituality Glimpsed


Poetic Examen-ation: Life after the Thesis

This is a day that was long awaited, A time dreamt of and indeed anticipated, With months albeit years of preparation, And a myriad of readings and connotations. Today, I awoke knowing that there was nowhere I had to be. There was truly no post to edit, Or theologian I needed to credit, An argument… Continue reading Poetic Examen-ation: Life after the Thesis

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Examen-ing Procrastination

Linking up this week with  Procrastination thy name is mine- Reminiscing. Warm sand, waves crashing I am engulfed by your inspiring presence. Laughter of children Amazed by your splendid treasures, My soul sings with joy. Little palms upturned, bare feet carrying such gifts.       And yet I hear you Not in a… Continue reading Examen-ing Procrastination