Why Theology is a Verb..

I have chosen Theology is a Verb because rather than  something merely studied it is alive within- encapsulating who we are and what we do as we grow in our journey with God.

I believe  ministry is.. compelled to go beyond the doors of the church to embrace its mission  “in the world…in the middle of everyday life, in the loving service of God”.

It is a vocation given through our baptism to tend to the needs of both our local community and that of the larger church as the body of Christ in the world.  For, through our journey of discipleship, we have been summoned into action to respond and walk in solidarity with those in need. The nature of this mission beckons us to encounter others in their journey with adversity, suffering, hope and joy. Thus, on a given day, ministry might involve leading others to grow in faith, bearing witness to transformation or simply being present to listen.

As Christians, I believe we are called as a church to respond to these challenges and joys both a people of tradition and a church of the future. Further, in embracing the sacraments that we as the body of Christ in communion together are given both roots and reach to truly live our discipleship in the world today.

The image above:  The fountain is, as expressed by Teresa of Avila, a wellspring of God’s strength, hope and love. Experienced both in community and deep within, here we continually draw strength, and find the very source for our ministry.  Accordingly, it is essential to renew and refill, so that our gift of service itself does not become arid and we are not left depleted. Then, like a bird in flight we go to where the ministry calls us to be. 

[1] Veli-Matti, Kärkkäinen, An Introduction to Ecclesiology: Ecumenical, Historical and Global Perspectives. (Downers  Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press: 2002). p.108.


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