Passionate Catechesis

Just as Theology is a Verb, so should our sharing of the faith be… passionate, patient, attentive, and  engaging others on their journey. It is all about  relationship- that union and communion we feel with God, extended and experienced in community. In this space, I humbly offer up  some of the insights I have discovered and lessons learned through this incredible ministry!



Bible Study

Yes Virginia, Catholics CAN do bible Study! Last winter, I facilitated a bible study program by Ascension Press that gave an overview of the entire story of salvation history entitled Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. Challenging and engaging, this study garnered a community of 85 men and women many of whom had never attempted bible study before. What an incredible combination of video, small group discussion and individual study! Tune in this Fall when we tackle the Gospel of Matthew… over 24 weeks!

A Catechesis of Mercy

How do you teach a commitment to mercy? How do we as parents and catechists inspire our children and help them connect their personal faith to the world around them? Curious? It’s never too late to begin! Catechesis of Mercy Part 1
Catechesis of Mercy Part 2.

4th grade summer Religious Education

By breaking the prayer up, and passing each a different part, they kinesthetically arrange themselves and say their part together!







New Testament Cup Stacking Game: Adjust labels so cup can be stacked vertically in order and notice if one is missing. Students can also stack in pyramid style, and race for accuracy.




Rapping the books of the NT



For more creative ideas you can follow me on





Children’s Liturgy of the Word

The aim of Children’s Liturgy is to engage and lead the children in an age appropriate worship experience. This includes using the liturgical mass readings and prayers for the day, as well as, the creation of a homily. As I have found true, they also develop a true feeling of community as they gather to listen, share and pray together.

Here are some helpful sites that I have used to prepare:   


Eucharistic Ministry

Sometimes catechesis involves simply being present . So often, I am the one learning from their journey! You can read  more about this incredibly blessed ministry at INVITED TO: WORK 6 & AND REST ONE..IT’S A FAMILY THING!

3 thoughts on “Passionate Catechesis”

  1. I have been looking through various Catholic sites. I love the feeling I get from yours. I love our faith. LOVE IT. I want to help others on the journey. That helps ME the most. Thank you for this site.I shall be back!

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    1. So glad to hear from you Lori! 🙂 Welcome to the wonderful call of living evangelization! Please feel free to join in on Wednesdays for a Catholic link-up where we share a favorite post. Blessings!


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