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Worth Revisiting: What Truly Matters

Can you recall a landmark moment in your life? A  time when it became suddenly visible what truly mattered, and where God was in it all? The following is one of my very own- all but a blink of God's eyes yet a graced moment when I will forever felt held. It was a late Spring morning in… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: What Truly Matters

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Ecumenism: “An Imperfect but Certain Communion”

With the aspiration of Ecumenism, to be a shared understanding in promoting dialogue and unity within faith, can it be said that there is visible unity? What can be learned from our differences? Likewise, what shape does this take and would be the direction of such a vision? On the Need for Ecumenism Something that… Continue reading Ecumenism: “An Imperfect but Certain Communion”


The Body and the Vine: A Glimpse at Paul and John’s Metaphors for the Church

In looking at Paul’s understanding of the church as the body of Christ we see a set of relationships, that of the individual believer to Christ and the believer in community. It is through baptism that both the individual believer accepts salvation through the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection, and is joined to the… Continue reading The Body and the Vine: A Glimpse at Paul and John’s Metaphors for the Church

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Worth Revisiting: Radical Hospitality

There has been much talk in recent years within ministry about the notion of radical hospitality. Not merely seeking to embrace those we know, it is an openness albeit a willingness to authentically meet and walk with one another in our weakness, suffering, and challenges of life. This is the experience of encounter, and as… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Radical Hospitality

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Fully Alive: A Parish on the Move

As far as parish life goes, it has been a very busy weekend for my parish collaborative family. Yet, when I think of it this is not that unusual for these two parishes as there always seems to be something going on. Whether it be school events, bible study, bereavement groups, healing Masses, Adoration, speakers, musical… Continue reading Fully Alive: A Parish on the Move

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Worth Revisiting: The Grace We Need

If she could stand, she would undoubtedly comprise all of 5 feet. Slowly, age and physical limitations have taken her ability to walk, then stand and the wheelchair that she once could move can no longer be done on her own. Yet on the inside “Grace” towers, a living witness to a profound spirituality, her… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: The Grace We Need

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Worth Revisiting: They Called Him… Buster

Some years ago I met one of the few living witnesses, other than family, to the life and memory of my Grandpa Ferrell.  Standing at an impressive 6’6” he easily towered over everything and yet the warmth of his smile and joyous presence elevated all surrounding. Donning a nicely pressed dress shirt under a pair… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: They Called Him… Buster