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Guest Post: The Present

The following guest post comes from an Advent Taize service led by my close friend and colleague from Loyola Chicago, Paula Kowalkowski. Readings: Deuteronomy 30:15-20                     Luke 1:26-38 The idea for this reflection came to me right after the 4th of July – lots of hot… Continue reading Guest Post: The Present

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This Advent: Be a Witness

Those close to me know the great joy I receive from helping others. And yet time and time again, God has repeatedly shown immense blessings that could only be found through humility and from the depths of my own need. The following modern story is one such instance, that came to mind in reflecting on Mary's… Continue reading This Advent: Be a Witness

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Worth Revisiting: Sing With Me

I have always loved to sing. Whether acapella or accompanied , in the shower, car or carries me through even the smallest of duties. Though my voice is nothing extraordinary, it has purpose and passion in every note and tune carried. It takes heart that when it is lifted in praise to its Creator that truly… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Sing With Me

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This Advent: Clean House!

You may have heard the expression that "cleanliness is next to Godliness" and without a doubt this would not be a beloved mantra by most. Yesterday just so happened to be my opportunity to catch up on all the neglected household chores of the week. From the kitchen to the bathrooms, floors and counter tops,… Continue reading This Advent: Clean House!

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Revelation and Purpose: The Infancy Narratives

“God, who has no History because He is eternal, desired to make History by walking alongside His people…He decided to become one of us, and as one of us, to walk with us through Jesus.” Pope Francis (Sept. 24, 2013, Catholic News Agency) In this quote, Pope Francis looks at the historicity of the gospels… Continue reading Revelation and Purpose: The Infancy Narratives

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Worth Revisiting: The Shepherds’ Journey

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13 Throughout the accounts of the nativity story we encounter God working the extraordinary amidst the ordinary. Today, I find myself accompanying the shepherds in their journey this advent, beside the… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: The Shepherds’ Journey

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Worth Revisiting: Where Are We Headed This Advent?

Advent is a time to prepare yet also to discern where we are being led towards. The journey that Joseph and Mary were to make from Nazareth to Bethlehem, by many accounts, was not a fairytale but fraught with much danger, miserable weather, and challenges. Even in the best of health, this undertaking would have… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Where Are We Headed This Advent?

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Checklist..or Grace Missed?

This post begins with a confession of sorts. I am a checklist enthusiast. With each item and chore checked off, comes a corresponding feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention that should I neglect to make a list, I am prone to amble aimlessly as a boat without a rudder. Advent is a particular challenge in that… Continue reading Checklist..or Grace Missed?