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Worth Revisiting:When Words Fail

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” Thomas Merton In sitting down this morning to write about this, I hesitated. Such a difficult topic, and yet so… Continue reading Worth Revisiting:When Words Fail

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Worth Revisiting: Why I didn’t want to write..but needed to.

Today, the advice of a good friend of mine Sr. Marie Paul, a Pauline sister by vocation, echoed in my mind. "If you find yourself at a loss of what to write or how to write what you feel you need to, just write about why you cannot write." Why? First, it gets the flow… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Why I didn’t want to write..but needed to.

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Take it All to Prayer

Over the last few months,  a potential mission opportunity has been occupying a special place in my prayers. Our collaborative, having already made two trips to Haiti for teens with another in February, has decided to embark on an adult trip next July. This mission, though only a week has born great fruit among the… Continue reading Take it All to Prayer

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Worth Revisiting: Reconciled

Not just a prettier or more approachable  version of confession, the act of reconciling is instead, a richer and more complete description of what transpires in this beautiful sacrament. For, reconciliation means“to walk together again”[1] , to reestablish a close relationship in friendship, peace, and love. Confession is just one part of this sacrament replete with mercy, grace and… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Reconciled

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Worth Revisiting: Finding Patience

Have you met Faith, Hope and Charity in your own life?  Intended for our youngest readers ages 4-8, Finding Patience is a very endearing introduction to these extraordinary gifts from God.  When 8 year old Faith moves with her family to a new home and school, her initial excitement fades as she encounters the daunting… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Finding Patience

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Catechesis of Mercy 2

Continuing from the previous week , we go deeper to the underlying principles of a life steeped in and committed to mercy.. There are four core principles in the Catholic Church’s social teaching: respect and protection of the dignity of the human person, the pursuit of the common good, the value of solidarity, and subsidiarity—that… Continue reading Catechesis of Mercy 2