Catechesis, Mercy

Catechesis of Mercy 2

Continuing from the previous week , we go deeper to the underlying principles of a life steeped in and committed to mercy.. There are four core principles in the Catholic Church’s social teaching: respect and protection of the dignity of the human person, the pursuit of the common good, the value of solidarity, and subsidiarity—that… Continue reading Catechesis of Mercy 2

Conference, Mercy

Catholic Conference for Moms: Faces of Mercy

In this year of mercy, there has been much discussion about what this invitation truly means. What has been our experience of mercy and forgiveness, and how do we better extend this to all those we encounter in our daily lives? Without a doubt, each of these experiences are as diverse and intimate as our own… Continue reading Catholic Conference for Moms: Faces of Mercy

Mercy, On Air

Mercy Unwrapped with Kristine Franklin

  Well the on air tables were turned recently, and I was blessed to be interviewed by Kristine Franklin as part of her series Mercy Unwrapped. As a wife, mother, grandma, radio host, a writer, and a speaker herself Kristine brings a lifetime of faith experience. But in her own words she is "most importantly, a child… Continue reading Mercy Unwrapped with Kristine Franklin

Book Review, Mercy

Review: Mercy in the City by Kerry Weber

If you find yourself wanting to grow spiritually, and to understand the connection in our shared journey as a people of faith, this is a sincerely beautiful witness! Available through Loyola Press. Mercy in the City is a witty and truly authentic grappling with the living out of our faith and call to do more… Continue reading Review: Mercy in the City by Kerry Weber