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Catholic Conference for Moms: Faces of Mercy


In this year of mercy, there has been much discussion about what this invitation truly means. What has been our experience of mercy and forgiveness, and how do we better extend this to all those we encounter in our daily lives? Without a doubt, each of these experiences are as diverse and intimate as our own relationships to God are. So what have we to learn from others? Quite personally, I can never tire of hearing the love story of God’s mercy as it continually allows me to fall in love with my Beloved all over again. Yet, there is something else at work here- a challenge and a widening of our undoubtedly limited perspective to grow in faith.

As this year of mercy draws to a close perhaps you might just take this opportunity to rediscover mercy and embrace its transforming potential in each of our lives. From October 20-23

 The Catholic Conference for Moms and all presentations will be available for FREE. No catch- just register and log on anytime during that time period.

 “It will be like a mini-conference, just in time to receive God’s amazing grace at the close of this Jubilee Year of Mercy, all in the convenience of your home!”

Simply sit back and watch the online HD videos or download the MP3s and take it with you wherever you go. With 21 presenters, in English and Spanish, and a variety of topics there is something new and thought provoking for everyone.

So what facet of mercy did I choose to share? What is near and dear to my heart?

“Catholic Social Teaching: A Catechesis at the Heart of Mercy “


One of Catholicism’s best kept secrets, Catholic social teaching is at the heart of understanding mercy.  So, how do we as parents and catechists of the faith help bridge the gap between practice and faith to our children?

This is quite a big lead in to say that I hope that you are able to join this conference and discover as I have… that we are loved beyond measure by an amazing God! 



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