Motherhood, Scripture Reflection

Gospel Reflections: Enough.

LK 12:13-21

When is enough… enough? And what is it that drives us to achieve or accomplish more in life? As parents we seek to provide the best for our children, often sacrificing to fill not only their needs but many times their wants. Still, does our happiness truly lie in this provision? Or instead, in the love built in relationship- within those priceless moments where time, grace and gratitude all meet?

Some of my fondest memories as a child are ironically times where financially or situationally we had the least. Whether it was a holiday meal, Halloween costume or project for school, my mom was extremely creative with the most unlikely resources. Looking at the list of “essential” items, she would hone it down even further or implement a substitution to make it work. I could not help but marvel at how she stretched our budget and still set aside for others living in our community. “Elizabeth, we are fortunate. There are so many who may go hungry or find themselves alone tonight.” This indeed she stressed was the greater tragedy and a lesson that would not be lost on me.

Today’s gospel is a clear reminder that we cannot make an accumulation of wealth or position in this world our sole focus if we are to also work towards the building of the kingdom of heaven. That is not to say that having either of these is in itself wrong, but rather our intention in its pursuit. When we value life and see the value in others then that begins to guide our actions with the resources given. For never outdone in generosity, God’s gifts will always surpass whatever we choose to share with another whether in this life or the next.


Where am I storing up treasure today and how might Christ be challenging me to give or work towards building in a different way?


Father, thank you for this opportunity to refocus the use of my gifts and talents towards your will and purpose for my life. Help me to not to forget that the things of this world will fade and that your love is always eternal.



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