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Music That Moves: The King of Love My Shepherd Is

 My post today is part of a series by Allison Gingras featuring a number of amazing Catholic women bloggers on the music by Sarah Kroger.  For this and more in this series, continue to check back at Reconciled to You each week during Advent.  The Love of a Father What is it about the image… Continue reading Music That Moves: The King of Love My Shepherd Is

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Worth Revisiting:Spiritual Sisterhood

This week I have been giving a lot of thought to the gift of spiritual sisterhood. When I consider all that I am thankful for I cannot help but include all of those women in my life that continually uplift, guide, pray for and challenge me each day. They inspire me by their own witness… Continue reading Worth Revisiting:Spiritual Sisterhood

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Around the Table

With the approach of Thanksgiving, my thoughts return to the table which I so customarily gathered around in my childhood. There in the small kitchen of my grandmother's home was a simple maple table with 6 chairs around. To the eye there was nothing unusual about it, but the love and memories that always surrounded it… Continue reading Around the Table

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Worth Revisiting: Will They Know Us By Our Love?

Over the last few weeks since Pope Francis’ departure, there has been a noticeable divisiveness within the world of Catholic social media. From Ross Douthat’s letter of critique of Pope Francis in the New York Times, to the response of theologians, priests, and Douthat again- we see firsthand a visible polarization. Yet, disagreement and dialogue in and… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Will They Know Us By Our Love?

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Fully Alive: A Parish on the Move

As far as parish life goes, it has been a very busy weekend for my parish collaborative family. Yet, when I think of it this is not that unusual for these two parishes as there always seems to be something going on. Whether it be school events, bible study, bereavement groups, healing Masses, Adoration, speakers, musical… Continue reading Fully Alive: A Parish on the Move

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Worth Revisiting: Praying with Teresa of Avila Part III

Persevering in our journey through the Interior Castle with Teresa of Avila we reflect on the 4th dwelling place.. Finally willing to submit and surrender to God’s working within, we have recognized that the life giving water which suddenly floods our soul is a gratuitous gift. Far greater than we could have imagined, this wellspring of grace… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Praying with Teresa of Avila Part III