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Worth Revisiting: When God Talks

What is it to say that God talks? How do we know that God is really speaking and guiding us as we seek to follow? I would venture to say that nearly every believer has at some point in their walk of faith has questioned and sought certainty of God’s constant dialogue with them. Silence… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: When God Talks

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Worth Revisiting: Will They Know Us By Our Love?

Over the last few weeks since Pope Francis’ departure, there has been a noticeable divisiveness within the world of Catholic social media. From Ross Douthat’s letter of critique of Pope Francis in the New York Times, to the response of theologians, priests, and Douthat again- we see firsthand a visible polarization. Yet, disagreement and dialogue in and… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Will They Know Us By Our Love?

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Worth Revisiting: A New Perspective

It’s Worth Revisiting Wednesday! A place where you can come and bring a past & treasured post to share, and link-up with fellow bloggers! Co-Hosted with Allison Gingras at Reconciled To You. Currently, Vol.3: A New Perspective (Originally posted September 22, 2014) Currently, I have been thinking about the people that enter into our lives, albeit… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: A New Perspective