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Why I didn’t want to write..but needed to.


Today, the advice of a good friend of mine Sr. Marie Paul, a Pauline sister by vocation, echoed in my mind. “If you find yourself at a loss of what to write or how to write what you feel you need to, just write about why you cannot write.” Why? First, it gets the flow going but also there may be something there worth exploring-the reason behind why you are feeling blocked or resistant. Doing this has helped me to see more clearly what it is that is holding me back and captive.

And so I begin..no longer a slave to fear but recognizing that it is with God , with his strength and desire that I can do all things. It isn’t that I am fearful of writing, or surrendering my inmost thoughts and feelings, but that the task of writing with and for a purpose takes both time and energy. Two things that can far too often seem in short supply. For, introspectively I understand my own tendency to give fully of myself to whatever I commit to. Not treading in the shallow, I long to see things to completion and rest only when I feel I have given my all. Yet, in my desire to serve, have I neglected my own cup that longs to be filled? Is this why I am clinging to down time, and stingy when it comes to writing lately?

And still I know that spiritually that tending to the seed of a budding question, or emerging prayer through writing is more than a facet of self expression. The fruit of which has, for me, been  a window of clarification and a path of discernment. It is an opening of mind and heart to the Spirit, a discovery of areas of needed improvement,  an acceptance of mercy and a recognition that I am loved. Even still it can be a means to encourage others in their walk of faith too, who may wonder if they are alone. In need of a Savior? Wonderful, there is much companionship in the journey!  However, for this to be possible we must be authentic-sharing equally of the challenges and successes, of the sorrows and joys and of a brokenness that is only made complete through Christ.

So, it is then that I am called to write. Hanging by a thread I cannot see the entire tapestry that God weaves. Perspective. Writing spiritually becomes a way to better see the gifts that we have and understand the why behind what we are to do. Up, down, in and out his hand guides my heart towards his purpose. With each word written and each pause placed -there is a conversation between my heart and God. A seeking and a finding, and a renewed desire to stay near when I once again have strayed. “There you are!”, I say. “I am where I have always been, right beside you.” He says.

While I initially had little inclination to write today, God knew that it was exactly what was needed. Have you considered writing as a way to move your heart, or as a means of discernment? What is holding you captive today?



6 thoughts on “Why I didn’t want to write..but needed to.”

  1. This is great food for thought. I never thought that when I didn’t feel like writing or couldn’t find the words that I may be captive to something holding me back. I just thought I was being lazy! Thank you so much for sharing and giving me a new perspective to ponder. God bless!

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  2. Love this, Elizabeth! What a wonderful way of thinking about the problem of not wanting to write. I love writing as a way of discovering what I am truly feeling and thinking.

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  3. Beautifully said. Sometimes I get that feeling that I don’t want to write, but I never thought about what was holding me back. Lately, I’ve been writing in my journal which helps me a lot with sorting out my thoughts. That has helped a lot the thought process and gets the words flowing.

    I find that when I am reluctant to write on my blog, it’s because those words were meant to be kept between me and God.

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  4. I agree Kalley that there are times when our writing is meant solely for us. If we do post it to share, we are satisfied simply that it was written. I have even revisited posts and found it so needed for me to read again. Sometimes in our walk of life we pass by the same road signs a couple of times. 😉


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