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Worth Revisiting: Contemporary Christian Music

For many years, I have followed the Contemporary Christian music scene.  Going beyond the artists themselves the message of the music gives true praise to the one true Artist, our heavenly Father- while speaking quite profoundly to God at work within each one of us. Not a faith removed from the world, it is a faith that finds us in our brokenness, enables us to meet the struggles,and celebrates the victory won in Christ. Thursday’s concert with Tenth Avenue North, Sidewalk Prophets and Dan Bremnes at Plymouth Memorial Hall would not disappoint!

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Arriving early with press pass in hand, so to speak, I made my way onto the floor and delightfully bumped into Dan Bremnes! Completely humble and unassuming, Dan who was opening that night, called out “Hey there, how are you?” I have to admit I was just a bit caught off guard at first as to why he was not backstage, but oh so thankful for this opportunity to speak with him. So easy was the conversation, that we fell into an faith-filled back and forth exchange of inspiration for songs, our own faith journeys and the importance of events like the Holy Ground Tour.

(Paraphrasing here)

ER: Where do you find inspiration when writing songs- through events in your own life or through those you encounter?

DB: “Really, it is a well that I draw from.. Important to be filled and then the writing overflows”

ER: What is important for you to keep in mind in your relationship with our Heavenly Father when touring?

DM: ‘To be grounded in the word of God. Spending time with scripture, and in prayer allows for that needed time to connect.’

ER: I’ve found that sometimes I run across a particular passage, and wonder why that scripture was intended to be read that day and then God reveals it it’s importance..

DB: ‘So true, for we know that “there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known..” ‘ (Luke 8:17)

Later at the VIP “Meet and Greet” with Tenth Avenue North, I posed a similar question to lead singer Mike Donehey..

ER: We are all so busy in our lives today.. how do you connect with God in midst of the busyness of touring?

MD: “Oh that’s easy! See there is silence and solitude when’s when I come home to my three kids that it is more difficult!”      (Truth!)

The concert itself was from beginning to end a whole sharing of self to all those who had gathered. With humor, sincerity and witness there was purpose in conveying a passion for the faith and a beautiful responsibility to live that faith out loud in the world around us today.



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