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Worth Revisting: Worn and Weathered

Physically and mentally exhausted, and having just navigated through a harried drive home I slumped through the door. Admittedly this extroverted people loving person was not in the mood to be in community for the rest of the evening. Yet, since being a wife and a mother total isolation is never a true viable option,… Continue reading Worth Revisting: Worn and Weathered

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Worth Revisiting: Where We Are Meant To Be

Lately, I have found myself marveling once again at the way God can lead us in our ordinary day if we are receptive and listening. Whether it be an unplanned event, conversation, or the bedside of a friend- unimaginable grace and surprises await when we simply say yes to God's movement in our day. Sometimes… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Where We Are Meant To Be

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Worth Revisiting: The Thief on the Cross

In reading the passages from Luke today on the way of the cross and crucifixion of Jesus, (Lk 23: 26-49) I was struck with gratitude for the thief on the cross beside Christ. Mocked, insulted and shamed- Jesus endured not only the painful, sorrowful physical pain of the cross but rejection of the people that… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: The Thief on the Cross

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Worth Revisiting: Bread of Life

In a time where the poignant loss of Eucharistic communion is so present within our Catholic communities- this discourse takes on additional depth and meaning in  our lives today. “John's Jesus has a totally different outlook. He does supply earthly bread to a crowd that hungers; but that is not the real marvel, for they… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Bread of Life

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Worth Revisiting: Thy Will Be Done

Though this piece was written almost 3 years ago, this invitation to contemplative pause on the words of the Our Father remains an almost daily occurrence in my prayer life. And as my life changes, His steadfast love and mercy continue to meet my every need, even when I cannot envision the road ahead. Lately… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Thy Will Be Done

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Worth Revisiting: Failing at Lent?

"We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed." 2 Cor. 8-9 I was beginning to wish I had given up chocolate for Lent. Nonetheless, the overachiever that I long to be decided to go for a more challenging endeavor. Couple… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Failing at Lent?