An Engaging Faith: Danille Shroyer

You are invited to join me this week for An Engaging Faith on Breadbox Media daily at 4pm EST

Breaking into your ordinary
with the extraordinary …


Over the next few weeks, as part of this blog, I will be highlighting a guest from An Engaging Faith. If you have missed any of these shows it will be a perfect opportunity to catch up! 

An Engaging Faith with Danielle Shroyer

Danielle Shroyer,  is an author, speaker, and blogger. She served as the Pastor of Journey Church,  for over eight years. Danielle is the author of The Boundary Breaking God: An Unfolding Story of Hope and Promise(Jossey-Bass, 2009). A graduate of Baylor University and Princeton Theological Seminary, Danielle speaks often across theWhere Jesus Prayed: Illuminating the Lord's Prayer in the Holy Landcountry on issues of theology, faith, church leadership, culture, and story. She has written for Patheos, The Hardest Question, and Immerse magazine, and she blogs often at She lives with her husband and two children in Dallas,Texas.Texas.

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