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An Engaging Faith: Jacqueline O’Toole

You are invited to join me this week for An Engaging Faith on Breadbox Media daily at 4pm EST

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Over the next few weeks, as part of this blog, I will be highlighting a guest from An Engaging Faith. If you have missed any of these shows it will be a perfect opportunity to catch up! 

Radio Interview with Jacqueline O’Toole

An absolutely incredible person with a beautiful heart for the poor, Jacqueline had a vision for an enterprise that would help countless lives in Nicaragua. I met Jacqueline just 6 months ago as she was packing up to make her more permanent home there. Please check out her store site with jewelry and pottery to help be the change that so many need!  

Jacqueline O’Toole, owner of Sea el Cambio and ONE enterprises, works in close collaboration with artisans in Nicaragua to transform lives and provide handcrafted fair trade products. Translated from Gandhi’s quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” Sea el Cambio encourages customers to “be the change.” All products are ethically sourced through long-lasting partnerships with Nicaraguan artisans. Sea el Cambio works with these artisans to design handmade jewelry, pottery, bags, and paper goods. By increasing market access, our artisans have a reliable and steady source of income to support their families. Sea el Cambio donates a portion of its profits to FNE International who is working within the artisans communities to improve their living conditions.

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