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Worth Revisiting: Where Imagination is Key..My Ignatian Contemplation

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What is it to pray with our imagination? Rather than seeing our imagination as problematic, St Ignatius encourages us to invite ourselves into the scripture scene using all our senses. Can I see myself as one of those in the biblical passage? If not why? What might I be feeling if I were? Praying in this way may seem strange at first, but allows us to wholly engage with scripture in a meaningful way all our own!

Where Imagination is Key: My Ignatian Contemplation

As I sat in mass this morning, I was pulled into imagining the scenes that would accompany this scripture. What followed was an afternoon of playful visual creations and ongoing reflection!

Luke 12:1-7

The corruption around us is often pervasive, difficult to see and more difficult to avoid. Following Jesus, there is trust involved, a leaving of the known to embrace the unknown. Yet, I cannot seek to have a foot on both paths, but I am being asked to make a choice.

Just as we cannot keep our light hidden in the too will our thoughts and words spoken in darkness be brought into the light. Are there moments, thoughts or words spoken that I wish would remain hidden?  Am I courageous enough to follow Christ without fear and to speak truth in the face of persecution? Listening to Jesus, it hits room for just got real.

Being present here, I begin to feel the excitement of being able to share the beauty of the Gospel openly. On housetops? When have I felt so impassioned of the love of Christ that I desired to live it “out loud” to the world?

I matter to God. So much so, that he is aware of even the most minute detail about me. Are my fellow disciples thinking the same thing as I am now? I am not alone but have the protection of the One who knows and loves me best…better than I know myself. not be afraid? Again, Jesus is reminding me that I need not fear of witnessing the faith. Though most certainly here in this moment it could hold the promise of death. Am I ready to die for the faith? Can I see God’s continual loving protection and grace in the challenges, obstacles and crises in life..big and small?



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