An Engaging Faith: June 8-12th

You are invited to join me this week for An Engaging Faith on Real Life Radio daily at 4pm EST.

This week’s lineup includes an encore performances of our 1st and 2nd shows, and the amazing Margaret Felice, who speaks on all the many ways she uses her gifts to awaken others in the faith:


Monday: (Encore) Eileen Daily, Director of a Doctoral Transformational Leadership program at Boston University.


Tuesday: Margaret Felice, Boston College alumnae and faculty member of Religion and Performing Arts at BC High in Boston MA, Opera Singer and blogger.



Wednesday: (Encore) Paula Kowalkowski,Loyola Chicago alumnae and faculty member of Music at Columbia College in Chicago.



Thursday: Margaret Felice, ‎speaks on the invaluable lessons learned from many mistakes made and years of teaching, with 7 Tips for New Religion Teachers and its followup article. 

Friday: Margaret Felice, and I chat about  Saints, Sinners and Catholic things of interest!

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