An Engaging Faith

Not to be outdone, God is truly the author of so many unexpected surprises! Starting next Monday, I have been invited to host a new live radio show entitled An Engaging Faith on Real Life Radio daily at 4pm EST.

The mission of Real Life Radio is “bringing the joy of the Gospel directly to people on the devices that they use to connect to the world as they move through their day…with a focus on topical, cultural and relationship issues all with an uncompromising filter of an authentically Catholic worldview.”    With a Jesuit leaning, An Engaging Faith would look at the discovery of God in our everyday while also engaging the social realities in the world around us.

This week’s lineup takes a look at the diversity of answering the call to be sent forth, guests include:




Monday: Eileen Daily, Director of a Doctoral Transformational Leadership program at Boston University.


Tuesday: Paula KowalkowskiLoyola Chicago alumnae and faculty member of Music at Columbia College in Chicago.



Wednesday: Art Blumberg, ‎Director of Parish Operations at St. Philip the Apostle, fellow Loyola student and alumnae.

Thursday: Anna Dudek, Loyola Alumnae now with the Office for the New Evangelization in Chicago.


Friday: Weekly Recap Join me as discuss the past week’s news, events, tweets and posts!

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  1. Congrats Elizabeth! So happy for you! I wish you all the best in this new endeavor! May the Lord bless you!

    *Virginia Lieto, Inspirational Author* *Embrace the virtues to live a happier life!* Download your FREE Virtues Guide at Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google +, and Pinterest

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