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Worth Revisiting: Hearing My Father’s Voice

It’s Worth Revisiting Wednesday! A place where you can come and bring a past & treasured post to share, and link-up with fellow bloggers! Co-Hosted with Allison Gingras at Reconciled To You.

Lately, it seems, there has been much talk of violence.Violence in the streets of our major cities , and violence in the hearts and minds of those who see this as the only path to end injustice. Yet, I cannot help but feel that in our desire to change things in the world without we must begin by changing ourselves within. Thomas Merton once noted that, “There can be no peace on earth without the kind of inner change that brings man back to his “right mind.” (from Gandhi on Non-Violence). Yes, there is much work to be done and dialogue to be had. However, for lasting change to occur that work must begin within each one of us. 

Can we even imagine a world where none of these exist? In small ways, I believe that we can, because we know the existence of good in knowing God. We have witnessed kindness and compassion, and instances whereby goodness has triumphed over evil. Yet in the kingdom of God, God’s goodness and reign is completely sovereign. I am not ready, however,  to give up the dream, and diligence toward a world where justice and goodness prevail. In fact, it is in posing this question that I am reminding myself again of that ideal that the kingdom of God reveals to us. In imagining it, it provides the vision to hope for, and the desire to work towards fulfilling it.

As this season draws to a close, I have been giving much thought to our journey of faith as a community, the lifelong invitation of dying to self and accepting a life transformed. The most striking reality is that Jesus also underwent this ongoing transformation of mind, heart, and action (metanoia) in becoming more and more who he was intended to be. We know that Jesus spent countless hours in prayer, and this was time spent in getting to know Abba more intimately, reconnecting with the Spirit, and redirecting his life towards infinite love. In doing so, he could better see beyond the limitations and boundaries of our humanity to the poor, oppressed, and those in need of healing. Consciously answering God’s call to make a transformation,not only within but in the world.

In understanding the dynamic, ongoing, and transformative conversion of life, we too need to make the necessary connection to one’s lived experience of faith- as a project of life integration.  Simply stated, as Christians our lived experience of faith in the Spirit calls us to continually redirect our hearts, minds and steps towards the values and actions necessary in being followers of Christ and in building the kingdom of God. Beautifully, I do believe we see metanoia in community in partaking in the Eucharist. For, here we are invited to bring our brokenness, recommit ourselves to God and the community, and are sent forth to be Eucharist to the world.

This is but one way, I believe, that God continually invites us to reflect on our own desires, to surrender ourselves, and better discern where and who God is calling us to be. Have you felt a spiritual dryness in prayer lately? Is your day consumed with a laundry list of essential to-do’s with your energy, time and temperament in short supply? Like Jesus, we require this time with God to hear and become familiar with the voice of our loving Father. Only then can we then extend that love, healing and renewal out into our families, neighborhoods, and cities that are in such desperate need for all of these.

So, in this way, I invite you to consider carving out quiet time and space today to do just that. It need not be vast, but a committed time each day just to sit, “be still and know that He is God”. Pay attention to the stillness, to the absence of your voice, and the freedom found in just being present with God. Feel the Holy Spirit’s constant reminder of life in every breath you take.

Thank you God for the gift in rediscovering You. Here in your presence, I know that your love, truth and guidance both for me and for the world are always there to be found..if we truly seek to hear your voice!

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