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Conversion: This Journey of a Lifetime

Some time ago, I had promised to share my own story of conversion to the Catholic faith. The anecdote, if you will, of how a young Southern Baptist girl found herself walking in the doors of a Catholic church and leaving forever changed…

Freshman year at Mount Holyoke College was an exciting time of rigorous study, new friendships, challenging adjustments and unbelievable growth. Over 1,200 miles away from home, I found myself both seeking comfort in the familiar but also joy in discovering who I was to become. Though I studied hard and partied equally so, I still made time to attend church either on campus or locally in town with a classmate. Yet, I was noticing that something was missing, something I couldn’t define but leaving me incomplete. Perhaps the experience of worship service had changed, or I had –even a bit of both.

Then one Sunday as the minister spoke of metaphorically of finding one’s center, I realized that was it! While I knew my center was Christ, I could no longer feel his presence as near and tangible. My soul yearned for so much more. This internal pull was intense, and over the course of the proceeding months I truly felt God working within asking me to let go and let Him lead.

That morning getting myself ready after a late night out had caused me to miss the first half of service.

I could just go back to my dorm room I thought.. but wait, there is a Catholic mass starting soon. Rather than being uncomfortably late, I could be on-time. Yet, I know so little of Catholic practices…will my unfamiliarity be too easily distinguishable? What I heard in response within my heart, was “This is an opportunity, to find what you have been searching for.  God is here.”

As I turned the handle on the door of the chapel and took my seat towards the middle of the church, I knelt before God for the first time. In this silence before mass began I found such peace and comfort in my anonymity. Here in this sacred time and place, I whispered  “I am here too Father”. Admittedly, as mass began it was all too obvious as I looked to my left and right for guidance, that I was a newcomer. Yet, just when I started questioning the reasoning that had brought me here, God reached out and drew me close. On either side hands outstretched were the beautiful recognizable words of the Our Father echoing throughout the chapel space. I was home.

Soon thereafter, I was to discover the love of my life in the deep friendship that had begun previously that fall. (That story featured here) A Catholic and sophomore at UMass Amherst, I couldn’t believe how blessed I was that God had planned it all! Though we frequently attended mass together I still held back, for some time, in telling him how God was moving me ever closer to conversion. With prayer and discernment so significant in my life, I was cautious and wanted to be certain that this was indeed where God was leading me to go.

Yet, when that moment did arrive, there was no looking back. My searching heart had been filled with a fullness of faith, joy and love. And to my surprise, my family not only respected my faith decision, but prayed and supported me throughout it all. To this day, I still remember the phone call to my mother. After sharing the events that had brought me to this place, there was a long pause for what seemed like an eternity.

“It all makes sense now” was her response.

“What makes sense?”, I curiously asked.

“Before you were born I had a dream that you would be a Catholic. Standing before a multitude of others gathered, you then spoke passionately of your love and faith in God. I know now that God was preparing me for this day.”

“Mom, why have you never told me this before?

“Well, I didn’t want to persuade you should that not be God’s will. I knew that if it was, that God would certainly lead you there.”

Twenty one years have passed since this conversation, yet I thought of this moment again this weekend as I was asked to speak at St. Patrick’s in Wareham. Through these years, I have been blessed with countless invitations to serve, witness and grow in my faith. For me, it is the journey of a lifetime-one I joyously embrace and continuously seek each day.



8 thoughts on “Conversion: This Journey of a Lifetime”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I, too, am a Catholic convert, having been raised independent fundamental Baptist. I never fit in and I always wondered why…I felt like I knew I believed in God, but I just didn’t FEEL Him at the church I was raised in. At least, not for me. I totally get that finding your center thing 🙂

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  2. You are an amazing woman! I was raised a Catholic but never went to Mass except for Christmas and Easter. I attended CCD but never paid much attention. I was also converted to the Catholic faith in my 30’s. I feel at home. Thank you for sharing your story! You are an inspiration to so many)

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    1. Thank you Paula! I love how he puts people together to create new friendships and build up His church. You are part of such a beautiful family at St. Patrick’s. 🙂 I am inspired by how you share so fully of yourself in leading others to Christ. God is good!


  3. Its so amazing how great God is and how he works. Thank you for sharing your story because it gives me hope that one day my husband will convert and experience God’s love and grace.

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  4. Dear Elizabeth, Your story of conversion is certainly special and I love the picture of you and John. It’s so interesting that you had the courage to travel so far from home for College and then make that major change in your religious faith. You have remarkable passion and love for The Lord and his will for your life. I was raised in a Polish Catholic household so I love so much about the traditions, rituals, prayers and services of the Church and especially the Gospel stories which introduce us to Jesus and take hold of our hearts and minds. Sadly, I have not been able to pass this experience or faith on to my boys. Both are away from the Church and it breaks my heart. I continue to pray for them and when I get discouraged about it, I remember St. Monica praying for her son for 30 years! Just wondering how you have been able to pass your faith on to your children so successfully. I feel a terrible burden of guilt that I did something wrong. Thank you for any insights you may have on this as they are well into adulthood and so it would have to be a conversion type of experience for them.

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  5. Terri,
    First, you must remember that faith is a journey not a race. Everyone has their own unique course and pace, even those that stay within the church. As parents, we pray, teach, and then have to let go to let our kids take their own steps. Our oldest son has had his own difficulty with faith in the past few years and I, like you, have found solace in St. Monica. Just keep in mind that God isn’t finished with any of us yet!


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