Embracing the Ordinary

Worth Revisiting: Overwhelmed by God’s Love

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Overwhelmed by God’s Love

(Originally posted November 22, 2014)

Linking up with Gina from Someday Saints to Embrace the Ordinary

This morning when I awoke I was overwhelmed- not by stress or concerns, but by praise. Praise to my loving father who had given me a beautiful sunlit window. Praise for the first full night’s sleep in weeks, and the fact that there was nowhere else I had to be. Praise for my hubby who restfully slept beside me.

Loving Father, you knew I what I needed and gave me respite , body and soul. 

The last few days have been well..difficult. Coupled with a need for sound sleep and a break from the next crisis to erupt, I had been burning my candle at both ends. Good news had seemed in short supply and coffee was no longer even having an effect. It’s amazing what you can overlook or not fully appreciate when sleep is needed!

Walking downstairs I was met by my sweet pup, Gretl who had been taken outside by my 15 year old who had also prepared breakfast for he and his brother. Looking up, he smiled and added he had also been studying! A bit surprised I wondered..Ok, whose house am I in again? 😉

Lord Jesus, you remind us to give all of our cares and worries to you- to bring our troubles and lay them all down. Though waves may crash around us, you are always there for we are safe in your arms! I don’t need to know what’s next for whatever tomorrow brings, Lord I know to trust in you. 

So, as I look back on my yesterday I give you praise for all those moments for what they truly are, gifts from you. For all those times you broke through my day and sought to reach me, hold and uplift me.

1. Daily Mass//Deep in prayer, I felt so close to Jesus that it was almost a visceral hug.There was a warmth from his presence, and I longed to stay longer. After mass there was the added embrace of my faith friends, those who pray with me and even at times unknowing of the circumstance.

2. Lunch//Food is such a comfort for me when I am in need of sleep and feel the demands of life. Treated to lunch by a close  friend, I could not believe how delicious and filling it was! Exactly what was missing. So too was the conversation with her -highlighting the need once again for these deep friendships in our lives.

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