Small Success Thursday : God is in the Details


Today in celebration of St. Ignatius’s Feast Day (#FindIggy @.loyolapress.com) and in collaboration with other amazing Catholic moms www.catholicmom.com, I have decided to share my own “Small Successes” for this week!

1. Summer course at Boston College- completed, grade in and transcript sent to Loyola Chicago

                                BC arrow Loyola

Ok, so I have taken quite a few classes for my Master’s degree, but as a mom of three in the summertime, my attention span is at times like that of a gnat! It seems that I just get started on a paper, blog, or project only to feel the tapping on my shoulder followed by a little face in my own. Headphones are not an obstacle to them at all! Don’t get me wrong, I want to play as much as they do. (Which may be a wee part of the problem) So, I find that I barter and promise to have a little uninterrupted time so as to truly enjoy the time spent at play. Having said that, my kids are really supportive of what mom is doing, even praying for me at finals! While the two weeks were intense, the commute incredibly long..the course was amazing. Now with all the paperwork in to Loyola, I am already thinking about this Fall.

to do 2. Caught up on many of the items on my “to do” list that I had neglected while taking the above course.

This is not limited to but includes giving haircuts for 1 of the 3 boys, laundry, vacuuming, and back to school textbook ordering.   Did I mention that one of my boys is an almost 15 year old that despises haircuts, noting that he isn’t truly himself with “short” hair? Parochial school is another new thing for our family this year and with school textbooks, and uniform ordering let’s just say that I am still sane, family pocketbook lighter, but sane. Yet, it is a wonderful feeling to sit in a neatened house, albeit short lived, and feel somewhat caught up on my 1st career duties!

 3. Start of my pastoral field education placement with…my ministry colleague Allison Gingras! 


Some of you might already be familiar with Allison from her reconciliation ministry at Reconciled to You, “Blink” spots on Catholic TV, Catholic 24/7 radio, or contributing posts on Catholicmom.com. I met Allison a couple of years ago, and right away I felt a friendship and a strong inclination that God had put us in each other’s paths for a reason.

 “Father, you are the most gifted human resources manager that I know! You know what we need before we can even ask and still it pleases you so that we do. Moreover you know what this big beautiful world needs and how we can best serve. Please Lord give me your eyes to see as you see, ears to be attentive to your voice in prayer and through others, and the understanding to discern your will always.”

4 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday : God is in the Details”

  1. Nicely done! I hope your children will enjoy their time in parochial school. It has been a wonderful experience for mine.


  2. Go you! I went to BC too! Congrats and yeah, I struggle with my attention span when my brain jumps to who wants ice cream or to go to the pool faster than theirs does.


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