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Our Journey through the Sacraments

The other day I was having a conversation once again with a friend of mine who is the parent of a teen who was now experiencing  a conflict about her daughter's unwillingness to attend church. Her daughter argued that she, "does not need to go to church or receive the sacraments to experience God in her… Continue reading Our Journey through the Sacraments

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Worth Revisiting: A Slippery Slope

She was a bit surprised to see him there..standing among his homeless companions of many years. For several months he had found sobriety along with an apartment and a day job, maintaining his distance from a number of his former friends. The last time we had seen him he had appeared healthy and in much better spirits… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: A Slippery Slope

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CatholicMom: Daily Gospel Reflection

Today, I share both my reflection and the wonderful community of CatholicMom.com with each of you! Tune in daily for wonderful insights, reflections, recipes, book reviews and more! John 10:1-10 What is it about the image of a lowly shepherd that instills in us a reminder of the love of our Father? A shepherd’s primary… Continue reading CatholicMom: Daily Gospel Reflection

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Worth Revisiting: Bread of Life

“John's Jesus has a totally different outlook. He does supply earthly bread to a crowd that hungers; but that is not the real marvel, for they will hunger again and so are not permanently better. The real marvel is that Jesus can give a bread from heaven that obviates hunger: the true (alēthinos) bread of… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Bread of Life

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Worth Revisiting: The Body and the Vine

In looking at Paul’s understanding of the church as the body of Christ we see a set of relationships, that of the individual believer to Christ and the believer in community. It is through baptism that both the individual believer accepts salvation through the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection, and is joined to the… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: The Body and the Vine