Holy Week

Tenebrae: Shadows and Darkness

Tonight, our Catholic collaborative parishes will host a Tenebrae service of worship. Latin for darkness or shadows, Tenebrae invites us to prayerfully reflect on Christ’s pain and suffering the day of His crucifixion through both music and readings. One of the most conspicuous features of the Tenebrae service is the gradual extinguishing of candles as… Continue reading Tenebrae: Shadows and Darkness

Holy Week, Ignation Reflection

A Stop at Bethany, on the Way to the Cross.

This week of Lent we are led to with Christ and his disciples down a path of growing awareness, one in which each  is contributing towards something fully unknown and yet momentous. Perhaps our familiarity with the story deafens us to truly hearing the significance of the words and numbs us to the fear, anxiety… Continue reading A Stop at Bethany, on the Way to the Cross.

Lent, Wit & Wisdom, Worth Revisiting

Worth Revisiting: Be Transformed

"The saints are living and practical proof that Christ's philosophy works. The saints show us that it is possible for a human to be fully transformed in Christ"   -Rediscover Catholicism, Matthew Kelly This Lent we are asked to engage in a transformation, a continual conversion of heart. To do so, however, we must become vulnerable-… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Be Transformed