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Worth Revisiting: 1st Things First

“To believe in Jesus’ divinity today is to make him and what he stands for your God" Albert Nolan It is to understand Christ as the supreme power in your life, your source of meaning and strength. This approach moves away from a very metaphysical discussion of Jesus regarding the full divinity and humanity found in early church… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: 1st Things First

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Worth Revisiting: A Church on the Margins

Evangelization is at the heart of the church- for to share the Gospel is to consistently invite all to continual renewal of heart and to lives committed to the living out of discipleship. This living out of the Gospel in our lives can be the greatest witness to the truth of salvation, and invitation to… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: A Church on the Margins

Book Review

A Storyteller’s Guide to A Grace Filled Life- Blog Tour

In reviewing this book, I cannot help but share a bit about the storyteller as who he is leaps off of every page in a humble, open, sincere and unassuming way. No different in real life, Tony has a profound gift of engaging the heart, inspiring reflection and engendering friendship. Through his eyes we glimpse… Continue reading A Storyteller’s Guide to A Grace Filled Life- Blog Tour

Ash Wednesday, Worth Revisiting

Worth Revisiting {Ash} Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Edition! Today as we begin the season of Lent I thought that this beloved Catholic funny was definitely worth revisiting!  Beyond the obvious, when many of us have left with just a smear across our forehead, I see myself. (As a bit of perspective, I have actually corrected the cross of ashes on my… Continue reading Worth Revisiting {Ash} Wednesday

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Worth Revisiting: Thy Will be Done

Lately these four words have spoken profound volumes in my life. With the busy fast paced work of collaborative parish life, my own vocation as wife and mother, and the decision of putting our own house on the market,there is such solace in this simple prayer. In an Ignatian practice of pause, time spent in… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Thy Will be Done